Estd: 1938 | Christian Religious Minority College
B.Ed & B.P.Ed | N.C.T.E. Recognised & N.A.A.C. Accredited " B+" | Govt Aided | Berhampore | Murshidabad | West Bengal

Affiliated to The West Bengal University of Teachers, Training Education Planning and Administration (For B.Ed. Course) &
University of Kalyani (For B.P.Ed. Course)

Teaching Internship:

List of the Schools with address (B.Ed.):

No Name of the schools with address Distance from the colleges
1 Krishnath College School, Berhampore. 1/2 Kilometer.
2 Maharani Kaswari Girls High School., Berhampore. 1/2 Kilometer
3 Maharani Kaswari Girls High School., Berhampore. 1/2 Kilometer
4 Silpa Mandir Girls High School, Gorabazar. 1 Kilometer
5 Lipika Memorial Girls High School , Berhampore. 1 Kilometer
6 Manindra Chandra Vidyapith, Khagra. 2 Kilometer
7 Sirish Chandra Girls High School, Khagra. 2 Kilometer
8 Hindusthan Siksha Bharathi (Girls) Khagra 2 Kilometer
9 Kendriya Vidyalaya, Berhampore. 2 Kilometer
10 Jagannath Academy , Berhampore. 1 Kilometer
11 Gurudas Tarasundari Institution , Khagra. 1 Kilometer
12 Manindra Nagar Boys High School , Manindranagar. 2 Kilometer
13 Nimtala High School , Nimtala 4 Kilometer
14 Goaljan Refugee High School, Goaljan 2 Kilometer
15 Sudarshan Chkra High School , Khagra 1 Kilometer
16 Bishnupur Girls High School, Berhampore. 2 Kilometer
17 Sebamilani High School, Berhampore. 1/2 Kilometer
18 Bhakuri High School, Bhakuri. 3 Kilometer
19 Bijoy Kumar High School (H.S.) 2.5 Kilometer
20 Shriguru Pathshala (H.S.) 2.5 Kilometer

List of Schools with address (B.P.Ed.):
No Name of the School Distance from the College
1 Udaychandpur H.S. School 12 Kilometer
2 Palshunda Neherunagar Jr. High School 15 Kilometer
3 Mahakali Pathshala 300 Meter
4 Goaljan Girls High School 2 Kilometer
5 Sebamilani High School 200 Meter

Pay and Allowance of Deputed Trainees:

The teacher’s concerned on deputation will get only basic pay from the Govt. through the college. Annual increment and other allowances will be drawn from their respective schools. The basic pay will be disbursed when the Govt. release the pay according to the last pay certificate issued by the D.I. of School(S.E.).