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Affiliated to The West Bengal University of Teachers, Training Education Planning and Administration (For B.Ed. Course) &
University of Kalyani (For B.P.Ed. Course)


Provisonaly Selected Male Candidates for Councelling and Admission in B.P.Ed. for the session 2019-21

Instruction to the students for admission to B.P.Ed. course 2019 [Read carefully]

Admission fee

Notice: All applicants listed are requested to appear on date and time as on the list. After counselling, they will receive a challan. They will submit the rupees in the prescribed bank and come back to college for submission of deposited chalan for confirmation of admission. This is vital. all will be completed on same one day. Arrival at 11 AM is must for everybody.

Date of Councelling and Admission - 20.03.2019   10:30 am Sharp

Sl Form No Name Score
1 UCTC-BP0004-2019 UZIR HOSSAIN 67.47
2 UCTC-BP0023-2019 UMAR FARUK 56.8
3 UCTC-BP0020-2019 RAKESH HALDER 55.03
4 UCTC-BP0056-2019 SODURUL ISLAM 52.22
5 UCTC-BP0022-2019 NISHITH HALDER 49.85
6 UCTC-BP0019-2019 JIBON KISKU 44.73
8 UCTC-BP0057-2019 ROBIUL ISLAM 41.96
9 UCTC-BP0029-2019 BIKRAM MURMU 41.56
10 UCTC-BP0007-2019 GOLAM SAHARUKH 40.73
11 UCTC-BP0053-2019 ARIFUL SHAIKH 39.12
12 UCTC-BP0042-2019 JUBARAJ ROY 37.97
13 UCTC-BP0028-2019 SOURAV SAHA 37.73
14 UCTC-BP0066-2019 SUBARNA BISWAS 37.52
15 UCTC-BP0064-2019 WASIM AKTAR 37.5
16 UCTC-BP0049-2019 IMRAN HASSAN 37.32
17 UCTC-BP0068-2019 NAYAN DAS 36.57
18 UCTC-BP0038-2019 INSARUL SHAH 33.8
19 UCTC-BP0024-2019 NISHITH MANDAL 32.73
20 UCTC-BP0025-2019 SUKANTA ROY 32.43
21 UCTC-BP0071-2019 NIKHIL MONDAL 31.62
22 UCTC-BP0054-2019 NAZBUL SHAIKH 29.45
23 UCTC-BP0055-2019 IKRAMUL SHAIKH 27.85
24 UCTC-BP0065-2019 ASHOK MURMU 25.74
25 UCTC-BP0063-2019 ARIJIT MUKHERJEE 23.44
26 UCTC-BP0011-2019 CHIRANJIT GHOSH 22.36


Instruction to the students for admission to B.P.Ed. course 2019


1. Date of  provisional  admission  for counseling of the B.P.Ed. Students- -20.03.2019.The entire  counseling list is provisional, mere name in the list does not give any guarantee for admission.
2. The students will report at 10:30 am positively before the room of the Principal, U.C.T.C for counseling.
3. The Hostel rooms are limited and will be provided as per merit.
4. After counseling,the student will collect the  Bank Challan from the office and deposit the money as denominated in the challan to the Bank of Baroda,BERHAMPORE ,BRANCH and must have submitted the same to the College for final confirmation of the admission.

5. Admission fee without Hostel:

* For Kalyani University Students: Rs. 38,500/-
* For Students other than Kalyani University: Rs. 40,000/-
* Hostel charge (Without meal charge). Rs. 20,000/-


6. Discrepancy if any, found in the merit list should come to the notice of the Principal with all relevant documents within 7 days from the publication of merit list AND THE LIST BE RECTIFIED IF ERROR ARE THERE, But after admission there is no chance of rectification..


Union Christian Training College,Berhampore.